Zinc Nickel

ASTEC 3000 Zinc Nickel

Zinc Nickel is the high end corrosion protection finish of the electroplated coatings. Designed as a highly functional coating to offer superior levels of corrosion resistance in increasingly demanding environments.
As an electroplated coating the final product produces a sacrificial layer that will corrode preferentially to the steel substrate. This means that unlike barrier coats, such as paint, the coating can still offer protection following in-service damage.

Astec 3000 is not just about a product, it’s a whole process designed to ensure the end coating is a market benchmark for quality and performance. Formulated and perfected through more than 20 years of high volume production our Zinc Nickel process blends all our knowledge, experience, chemistry and equipment to provide a unique coating that meets the most demanding specifications.

Key Properties

Alkaline, non-cyanide solution

High Nickel deposit 12-18%

A ductile coating suitable for post-forming

Low deposit thickness from 5 microns

Exceptional corrosion protection

REACH compliant

Available in clear and black finishes

Zinc whisker free

Key Benefits

Superior corrosion protection

Excellent hardness and scratch resistance

Excellent wear resistance

Excellent galvanic corrosion protection

Excellent ductility for post bending
and crimping

Excellent thermal stability

Excellent adhesion for paint

Industry Applications






Renewable Energy



General Engineering



Other frequently requested processes

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Zinc electroplating has been around for a long time and became very popular as an early replacement for Cadmium and other toxic materials previously used for higher corrosion protection performance