Providing the right process to protect your engineering

Using our knowledge and experience to provide the right corrosion inhibitor for your product

At AST average or normal doesn’t excite us, we strive to provide the best and lead the way. This mentality is paramount in our processes, one of the key benchmarks for our performance as your coatings partner.

We continuously work with the best chemical providers, utilising the latest technology, applying our experience and knowledge of both the industry and our customer requirements to provide processes that are unique to us, excelling in performance and service.

This provides a process that is highly effective and efficient, exceeding the requirements and expectations of some of the top OEM customers and their specifications.

Frequently requested services we provide

ASTEC 1000 Zinc Flake

A high end sacrificial corrosion protection coating, however one which offers a number of significant characteristic that electroplating cannot

ASTEC 2000 Tin Zinc

ASTEC 2000 Tin Zinc

A very unique, high performance corrosion protection coating that offers a number of special characteristics and properties

ASTEC 3000 Zinc Nickel

The high end corrosion protection finish of the electroplated coatings. Designed as a highly functional coating to offer superior levels of corrosion resistance in increasingly demanding environments

ASTEC 4000 Zinc

ASTEC 4000 Zinc

Zinc electroplating has been around for a long time and became very popular as an early replacement for Cadmium and other toxic materials previously used for higher corrosion protection performance

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